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Metico Products GmbH About Us

About Us

Metico GmbH has been established under the Name of Metcor Metall GmbH more than 15 years ago as a traditional Hanseatic, customer minded foreign trade company.

The focus of business activities has been/is the export and import of metals and other industrial products to the essential markets of Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.

Today, Metico GmbH comprises a highly motivated team of specialists.

The metal and industrial goods division is concentrated mostly on the export of
non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass semi finished items; Cu Ni products for shipbuilding in Asia, but also steel, alloyed and stainless steel bars, rods, tubes, strips and plates and other metal products as well as spare parts, dyestuffs and other chemical products needed in the beverage and textile industry within Europe and South America.
Contract loyalty, expertise, and prompt delivery at competitive prices have made Metico GmbH the reliable and esteemed partner of a diverse range of companies in worldwide locations.

Our customer orientated arrangement includes small and large works on enquiries and projects.

Furthermore, you will find more detailed information on the materials and activities under the product categories metals as well as industrial goods.